Selected Essays & Creative Non-Fiction

“When All Your Faves Are Problematic” (Open Book, February 2019)

“Lilies of the Valley” (The Rumpus, January 2019)

“Beyond the Possible: On World Building” (Open Book, December 2018)

“On Fairy Tales” (Open Book, November 2018)

“Muscle Memory” (Little Fiction | Big Truths, January 25, 2017)

“The Places In Between” (The Butter, November 26, 2014)

“Frequent Flyers” (Tampa Review Online, April 1, 2014)

“Love Stories” (Big Truths, March 5, 2014)

“In Praise of Loneliness” (Tincture JournalAustralia, December 1, 2013)

“The Second Art Form” (The Rumpus, September 3, 2013)

“Neverland” (The Burlesque Press Variety Show, June 2013) 

“Notes on the Motorcycle Blonde” (BROAD! zine, Summer 2012)

“Late Nights at The Espy” (filling Station, Vol. 51, Fall 2011)

“Chasing Audrey” (Prairie Fire 29.2, Fall 2007, CNF 3rd Place winner)  Read the full piece here.